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Exploration & Adventure in Hope
Things to do during your stay at Evergreen B&B

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During your stay at Evergreen Bed and Breakfast we can recommend many activities to choose from - you will be pleased to find what the area has to offer! Hope BC is a great place to visit with many provincial parks, lakes and rivers, golfing, hiking & mountain biking trails and more. Experience local hospitality at range of restaurants within walking distance to the B&B, and view the over 30 different 'larger than life' iconic chainsaw carvings located throughout the community. As you can see, there is much to see and do including Evergreen B&B's hospitality!

Activities and Adventure in Hope:


"My hostess informed me about the location and nearby attractions. Evergreen B&B is located within walking distance to downtown and many restaurants. During my brief stay, I was able to enjoy the Othello Tunnels, which I highly recommend and dinned at the Driftwind and Kimchee restaurants, both were excellent." - Steve, Richmond, BC


The Othello Quintette Tunnels:

The famous Othello-Quintette Tunnels are located 5 km (3 miles) from Hope in the Coquihalla Canyon just past Kawkawa Lake. These abandoned railway tunnels in the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park make for a delightful stroll and are a must see. They were built from 1911 to 1916 as part of the Kettle Valley Railway system. Note: Flashlights are useful inside the tunnels. To get to the tunnels from the town of Hope: take Kawkawa Lake road and proceed about 4 km, then turn right on to Othello Road and proceed another 4 km and look for the sign.

The Hope Slide:

Alternatively, perhaps take a drive to see the awesome sight of the Hope Slide, which happened on the morning of January 9, 1965. Johnson Peak collapsed sending tons of rock, mud and trees onto the Crowsnest Highway. Today, the natural disaster remains an awesome reminder of nature's power.

Hell's Gate Airtram:

Evergreen B&B is not far from "Hell's Gate" where you can experience the breathtaking tram ride crossing of the scenic Fraser River, or visit the magnificent Manning Provincial Park. Movie buffs might be interested in knowing that the Hope area was where Rambo (First Blood) was filmed and you may want to explore where Sylvester Stallone clung for his life as he hung precariously from the wall of the Coquihalla gorge. Explore mountain ranges aboard one of the only descending gondolas in North America. » www.hellsgateairtram.com

Kakawa Lake:

Evergreen Bed and Breakfast is minutes away from Kawkawa Lake - a kid-friendly park in the Cascade Mountains, located northeast of Hope near the Coquihalla canyon and the Othello tunnels. Kawkawa Lake has great swimming beach, boating, picnicking, fishing, water skiing, knee boarding, canoeing, play area, park benches, picnic tables, and a boat launch with a small dock. Kawkawa Lake Park is located 1.5 miles (2.4 km) northeast of the community of Hope, accessed via the Kawkawa Lake Road.

Great Restaurants our Guests and I love:

  • Joe’s Restaurant and Lounge
  • Driftwynd Restaurant
  • Kimchee Restaurant
  • Papa Andreas Restaurant
  • Home Restaurant
  • Blue Moose Coffee Shop - a must place to visit for a Speciality Coffee.

All in Hope and all walking distance from Evergreen B&B (except Papa Andreas)

Othello Quintette Tunnels
Othello Quintette Tunnels

Hell's Gate Airtram
Hell's Gate Airtram

Kakawa Lake
Kakawa Lake

"We certainly enjoyed our stay and the helpful suggestions on restaurants.
We particularly enjoyed having a choice of delicious entrees at breakfast" - Rebirmd, Renton

When planning your stay remember what our guests say ...
"There is so much to see and do in Hope that a one night stay is not enough."

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